Some people believe that destiny is a predestined succession of events, as a written book where our character makes part of the story.

Others say that destiny is the consequence of our decisions and actions. “For every action there is a reaction”, said Albert Einstein.

I believe that destiny is a mix of both: casualty and a consequence of our decisions.

Even if most events are a consequence of the decisions we take, others are “luck”, the result of being in the right place at the right time; meet the right person in the right place and so on.


It has passed some days since we have Gus, our Maine Coon kitten.

All started when ,months ago, our daughter said she wanted a cat. After ignoring her for some time because we thought it was just a child's passing whim, one day something changed and my husband asked “what if we really have a cat?”.

That question awoke our curiosity and during many weeks we were reading and watching videos about cats, cat breeds, what would be the best cat breed for families with children, would a cat be a good option and why, would it be better to adopt or buy a cat, what costs and responsibilities would a cat bring to our family, etc.


After some time, we decided we were prepared to have a pet in our lives .

At first we thought in adopting a cat but bureaucracies were considerably big, many papers were asked and we found it annoying . We wanted something “simple”. We just wanted to give home and love to a cat. So, at the end we choosed to buy instead of adopting a four paws pal, because all the process would be much more simple.

Once with this option we could make a more personal choice, we decided we would buy a Maine Coon cat. They are a fascinating breed, ideal for children and adults. The fact they look like a Lynx somehow and behave like a puppy in the way they are loving , playful and social, seduced us .

We made some visits to see cats, talked with some breeders until we finally found “The Breeder” in a cat exhibition : a dedicated couple with wonderful Maine Coon cats and kittens.


After the exhibition we visited “The Breeder” website and we fell in love for a red and fluffy Maine Coon kitten. Four weeks later we would have Gus and we thought it would be a good idea to share with you not only all the knowledge we acquired during our journey but also the way we are all making with our cat.

Hope you enjoy this journey as much as we are doing and share with us your “first cat” experiences or others you find cute or memorable!