If you read other articles about Maine Coons, you certainly found they are one of the most sociable, gentle, affectionate and playful breeds in the cat world. But is this really true?

It has passed almost months since we had our Maine Coon male, Gus.

He is fantastic and I can tell you that until now we found all the above adjectives to describe Maine Coons to be true.

Gus is playful: he just loves to play with everybody and with everything.

Yes, he is a kitten with four months and a half, in the peak of his energetic childhood.

He plays with cat’s toys and with children’s toys, with a peanut shell, with all that moves or rolls.

As it happens with other cat breeds, it is important that we dedicate daily time to play with our cats. Be sure you do it at least 15 minutes per day.

If you don't, bad things can happen and your cat can start having a rebel attitude.

In our home children just love to play with Gus, which is very helpful, but the funny fact is that even if he seems happy with that he also wants attention from me and my husband and when we do not dedicate the proper time to play with him he “attacks” our toes or starts to jump on us to claim attention.

Some days ago my husband had a very busy day at work (he works from home, at the moment). So he could not give attention to Gus.

Well, can you guess what happened?

In an online conference, he started to climb him, jumped to his table and was “showing himself” on the camera.

Yes, it was somehow funny but also embarrassing.

Gus is sociable: he gets on well with all at home and with strangers if they come.

Gus loves to be with the family and follow us almost everywhere. He does not like to be alone for much time. If we leave him alone for more than five minutes in a room, he will come and find where we are.

Gus is affectionate: he sits near us as a good pal and purrs a lot.

At night, he lies with us and sometimes even touches us gently with his paw.

If you want a lap cat, Maine Coons are usually not fond of it (they prefer to be on your side but not exactly “on you”). However, they are great companions. They are always near you and let you caress them, which is very therapeutic.

Our Gus even shows us his belly and lets us caress it (which is not usual in a cat - cats normally hate we touch them in the belly area).

For all I said and more,

a Maine Coon is definitely a Gentle cat.